What we do?
We develop data driven products tailored for your business needs, ensuring your full ownership of the result
AI and Data Solutions
Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Development with GPT 3/4
  • Chatbots Development
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Machine Learning Models
Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Sales Forecasting
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting Automation and Dashboarding
Data Marketing
Web Marketing
  • Google Instruments Setup
  • Campaigns Conversion Optimisation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Product Feed Submission
Marketing Performance Assessment
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Offline Marketing Evaluation
  • Incremental Campaigns Effect
Whether you have specific business objectives or require advisory on how to leverage AI for your business, we can assist you on every step of the way.
What is special about us?
of where and how to implement data-driven solutions
Standard flow
Business seeks growth and optimization through AI adoption
Lack of understanding
We design solutions tailored to your unique case and assemble a team with the project-specific expertise and skill set
Rainforest flow
Tailored approach
We have the team of passionate dete professionals with a strong track record in developing complex AI projects for top global companies
Extensive expertise
We offer the transparent pricing model, ensuring you pay exclusively for hours dedicated to your solution
We ensure clear maintenance guidelines after the projects as well as regular reporting and 24/7support throughout our work
Sustained Support
Own your unique AI proposition to boost operations
to proceed with implementation
Absence of trained staff
for new hires or external consultants
Significant costs
solution post-implementation
Inability to maintain
Resort to traditional - manual and time-inefficient solution
Our team
We are passionate data professionals with extensive expertise and international experience from leading tech companies worldwide
Associated work
Customer care optimization and enhancement for the fastest growing travel company in Europe
NLP-based customer experience analytics for one of the largest UAE property developer
Real Estate
Sales cycle and lead management enhancement for one of the top-3 marketplaces in the US
Customer engagement and sales boost through a recommendation system for a multi-billion e-commerce company
Rec. system
Speech-to-text & text summarization tool for sales calls
GPT-powered educational tool for children with special needs for a research institution
B2B Sales
Data warehouse optimization & user experience analytical dashboards
Econometric model for offline marketing effectiveness evaluation for a prominent real estate platform in Eastern Europe
Real Estate
Our tech stack
We are tech-agnostic and work with industry-leading providers of data analytics, data visualization, and big data platform tools
Data Storage and Analytics
Web and App Analytics
ML and Development
Data Visualization Tools
we are eager to craft your unique solution
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